Group and National Exhibitions

Next to the still unpredictable conditions for communication and transport on an international plan, the national exhibitions at this year’s Technical Fair were secured by Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia (Hall 3). The group performance of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Srpska, with several companies, will be in Hall 1, and the Chamber of Commerce of

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Just like during many previous fairs, during the Technical Fair 2022 as well some of the exhibitors mark significant business anniversaries.

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YOURS 2022

The Technical Fair 2022 will on the 25th of May be enriched by yet another scientific-research happening – YOURS conference, “Conference of young researchers, which since 2019 is organized by the magazine JAES. Papers are written and announced at the conference exclusively in English.

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Never Enough Novelties

The International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievement is an opportunity to present both novelties and innovation with which the exhibitors are coming in front of the visitors and the expert public. For the last couple of years that number was about 100, from which, regularly, about half is coming from domestic companies.

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Welcome to Technology Fair 2022

The 64th International Technology and Technical Achievements Fair, which is to be held at the Belgrade Fair from the 24th to the 27th May 2022, can only cement the status of the regional fair leader and also the representative of the global fair industry in all areas of technology and technical and technological innovations. High ratings and the reputation it

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