The 66th International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements, held under the slogan “We Inspire Progress” from May 21 to 24, 2024, at the Belgrade Fair, gathered 19,047 business visitors predominantly, around its programs and exhibitions.

On 14,840 m² of exhibition space in seven halls and 200 m² of open space at the Belgrade Fair, 579 exhibitors presented themselves, 325 of which were foreign, from 30 countries across four continents.

Visitors could also enjoy national exhibitions and group appearances from the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Czech Republic, the People’s Republic of China, Hungary, Slovenia, and Serbia.

In addition “classics” and product groups such as “digital industries” 4.0 and 5.0, CNC machines, machine tools, processing centers, tools and accessories for metal processing and shaping, electronics, measuring equipment and devices, process technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, additive, 3D, and laser technologies, metallurgy and foundry, welding technologies, electrical engineering, lighting and LED technologies, thermal engineering and HVAC, green industry, logistics, warehousing, industrial packaging, industrial and cyber security and protection, the technical and technological achievements in future fields were also presented to the greatest extent possible, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, 5G networks, blockchain technologies, augmented and virtual reality, nanotechnologies, clean energy, IoT, drones, robotics.

The innovation “tension” of this year’s Technology Fair was maintained by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, whose five relevant ministries, led by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, organized an exhibition of innovations and new technologies under the name “Play for Humanity! Science for All – Step into a Sustainable Future.” This exhibition consisted of 114 individual exhibits, 63 exhibitors, and over 30 companies from the People’s Republic of China, all spread over two levels of 6,000 m². This project also included as many as 50 domestic science and technology parks, higher education and research institutions and organizations, companies, and associations that, under the patronage or with the support of the Serbian Government, presented their contributions to technical and technological development in various scientific and economic sectors. Additionally, around ten participants from the “domestic” education or development sectors participated independently, outside the Government’s umbrella.

This exhibition’s guest of honour, also organized and sponsored by the Serbian Government, was China, with 22 institutions and companies showcasing their new technologies and innovations across various technical and technological fields – space, astronautic and radar technologies, diagnostic and operational technologies in medicine, pharmaceutical and biotechnologies, automotive and transportation technologies, artificial intelligence, and more.

The professional accompanying program was largely dedicated to the application of various technological innovations, particularly the application of artificial intelligence in commercial sector, social life, science, culture, sports, the ecosystem, and more. The strongest promotional effort was dedicated to the BIO4 campus project, a unique multidisciplinary project combining biomedicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and biodiversity, and said to be the largest investment in Serbian science to date.

Impression instead of summary: exhibitors were satisfied with the business deals made, and the quality of the fair, positive atmosphere, the number of international brands and the quality of the exhibits presented. Multiple agreements were concluded, dozens of preliminary contracts were signed, and machines and equipment worth millions were sold. (For illustration, the value of one CNC machine without additional equipment is higher than the most expensive car sold at the Auto Show.)

Visitors had an exceptional opportunity to witness the application of artificial intelligence in sports, medicine, agricultural business, and economy, and its overall contribution to the current explosive technological advancement.

This year, before the expert jury for the Technical Fair awards, there were 50% more candidates for awards given by the Belgrade Fair. Finally, the Grand Prize of the Technical Fair “Step into the Future”, for the most successful exhibits, was awarded to: SCHMALZ DOO, SLOVENIA for “Jumbo Flex 35, Vacuum Assistive Device for Ergonomic Load Handling”; Institute for Testing of Materials A.D. Belgrade for “Heating Plate For Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Building Materials”; Research and Development Institute “Lola” for “Vertical Machining Center LOLA VMC4”; and Acons DOO, Novi Sad for “Automatic Material Color Separation Machine ACS-1-200-P”.