May 21 – 24, 2024


10:00 – 18:00


Single ticket500 RSD
Group tickets300 RSD
Single ticket with registration at B2B Portal350 RSD
Car parking (per hour)150 RSD


Hall 1

4.0 Industry – Factories of the Future and Smart Factories; 5.0 Industry – Learning Factory; Machine tools, machining centers; Tools and Fixtures for metal working and forming; Industrial Automation; Measuring Equipment and Electronics; Welding; Compressors; Processing technique equipment; Operational systems; Industrial robots; Cobots, IoT; Micri&mesu-scale machines; Additive manufacturing and systems + 3D Technologies; Application software; Innovations; Advanced and Emerging Technologies, New Product Development; Hydraulics & Pneumatics…

Hall 1A

Welding; Materials + Components; Semi finished and finished products for manufacturing industry; Surface technologies + Protection; Literature

Hall 2A

Electrical Engineering – equipment and devices for production of electric power; Telecommunications; Installation; Lighting + LED Technologies; Electronics (power, industrial, household); Thermal Science Engineering – HVAC&R; Green Industry (CP, EE, RE, reduction of wastes and emissions)

Hall 2B

Innovations, Research, Development, Technology transfer

Exhibition of innovations and new techniologies supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development of the Republic of Serbia – Science Technology Parks; Faculties; Innovation Centers; Instuitutes; Start-up companies

Hall 3

National exhibitions and Joint participation; Metallurgy and Foundry engineering; Water & Gas treatment; Green Industry – ECO-friendly technologies, cleaner production, reduction of wastes and emissions; Industrial Ecology; Industrial safety & Cyber security

Hall 3A

Transportation and Logistics, warehousing, handling, storing; Packaging + Packing equipment and systems; Industrial Security + Safety and work protection aids; Creative corner for High Schools– promotion of knowledge and creativity; scientific modeling

Exhibiting Halls