The International Technical Fair, otherwise a respected multi-decade member of the World Association of Fair Industry (UFI), has always been an opportunity for international professional, scientific and business officials and delegations to see for themselves the scope of domestic, regional and global technical-technological development in various fields.

Thus, at the very beginning of the event, in addition to guild ministers from the Government of Serbia and the region, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in the field of quasicrystals in 2011, Daniel Shechtman from Israel, addressed the audience. Professor Dr. Dejan Ilić, professor of international reputation, lecturer at several foreign universities and institutes, innovator, businessman, scientist in the fields of physical chemistry, microcomputers, electronics and other fields of science and technology, also expressed his support for the historical mission of this manifestation, and even enthusiasm for it.

During two days, the delegation of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai, led by the President of the Executive Council of Dubai Abdulla Muhammad Al Basti, visited the Technical Fair. The delegation also included the Secretary General of the Supreme Legislative Council of the Emirate of Dubai, Ahmad Said bin Mesher Al-Muhairi, the Head of the Department of Economic Development Policy and Strategy of the Dubai Executive Council, Muhammad Abdulraman Al-Havi, the first Project Director of the Office of the Secretary General of the Dubai Executive Council, Khaled Joma Bellow , adviser to the Center for Models in Dubai Ahmad Hurajmel Al Ali, manager of smart applications in the department of information technology of the Executive Council in Dubai Mansur Seilem Al-Mahari and chargé d’affaires in front of the UAE Embassy in the Republic of Serbia Ibrahim Aldarmaki. The delegation showed special interest in the fair segment dedicated to Industry 4.0, the sector of energy and installations, as well as innovation and new technologies. The stay of the UAE delegation resulted in a business arrangement, because one of the awarded exhibits – “urban beehive”, “hive for interior” of the Beeamond company – found its way to the UAE.


Jurgen Schreder, Trade Counselor of the Embassy of Austria in Belgrade, visited numerous Austrian exhibitors at the Technology Fair with a delegation.

The fair was also visited by the Ambassador of the Republic of Germany in Serbia, Anke Konrad, and the head of the economic department of the German Embassy in Serbia, Denis Kaiser.

The fair was also visited by a delegation of Russian innovators headed by the president of the Union of Inventors and Innovators of the City of Moscow, Dmitry Zezyulin. Zezjulin is also the president of the International Club of Innovators and Inventors “Archimed”, which gathers around 3000 members from all over the world.

The high official of the Republic of Gabon, Maximin Mangualamangoye, in charge of international cooperation, visited the Technical Fair and the stand of the company NKOK – Special Investment Zone, which is exhibiting for the first time, in hall 3.