According to tradition, the first to secure participation in the 2023 Technology Fair are the winners of the competition for the best technological innovation in the previous year, organized by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia. In 2022, they were:

1st place

“Inkluzio” team, Belgrade, with the innovation “Inkluzio platform for helping people with disabilities”

Inkluzio is a comprehensive solution that enables people with disabilities to independently perform daily activities that require visiting business facilities of service companies (banks, stores, post office, etc.). Process innovation, we connect the user, a person with a disability, directly with an employee in exactly the business facility that the user wants to visit. Technological innovation is based on the development of smart artificial intelligence tools that will enable users to interact with facilities and employees even easier and more independently, such as:

– Amplification of sound collected from the environment collected by the microphone of the mobile phone and transmitted through the headphones. This tool allows people with impaired hearing to more easily receive information from the environment.

– A tool that, with “computer vision”, allows people with impaired vision to find out what type of entrance is on the object they want to access, where the doorknob is located and whether there are additional conditions to access the object.

2nd place

Team “Hermes”, Belgrade, with the innovation “Hermes functional neurostimulation”

Foot drop (FD) is a gait abnormality in which the forefoot drops and cannot be raised during walking. It is characterized by the inability to lift the toes or feet from the ankle joint. Current treatment methods for FD are limited to assistive devices. Existing devices are either harmful to health in the long term, impractical or extremely expensive and unavailable. They are all non-adaptive and non-dynamic, which makes them difficult to use. We have developed a device that restores functionality, improves mobility, reduces fatigue and improves the condition of patients suffering from foot drop. This device enables complete personalization of patient care by active and dynamic monitoring of gait parameters and reciprocal real-time decision-making through algorithms supported by machine learning. Our device is a wearable electrostimulation device that is non-invasively worn on the body.

It uses transcutaneous nerve stimulation. Its design is ergonomically and aesthetically attractive, and it also enables integration into clothes, which further contributes to the increase of self-confidence of the person who wears it.

The innovation is reflected in the application of artificial intelligence to a device that uses Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), which enables adaptability. Many FES devices are patented, however the specific design of this device does not infringe any of them, nor does it use any existing patents. The innovative solution combines electronics covered by the EULA, and the software and system are of original design. The FES foot drop stimulator market is further divided into wireless and wired solutions, which differ in price range and target demographics. This device belongs to the wireless category.


3rd place


Team “Gastrotek”, Novi Sad, with the innovation “Smart Fryer”


The Gastrotek team strives with great desire to change the pattern of everyday life. Innovative thinking was the basis for which the business of the Fry Factory restaurant (which is owned by the team members) quickly gained recognition, due to its unique offer and technology.


The desire to create a range of recognizable food products, always with a perfect structure and taste, had to be realized by designing a technical solution, which would prepare such products, always in the same way. Behind the project are young team members, enthusiasts and eager initiators of change, who, using their acquired knowledge and innovative approach, designed a smart fryer – Smart fryer.


Smart fryer – a smart fryer uses a customizable application for preparing different types of food, an online service for reporting errors, as well as a server that stores data, serves for monitoring and aims for future business improvement. Business improvement refers, first of all, to the monitoring of parameters, the regulation and control of which users can optimize their business, and thereby influence more favorable economic effects.


The innovation consists not only in the construction and sale of smart fryers, but also in the domain of service, which implies the franchise, service assignment of such kitchen devices for frying, to catering facilities, with the obligation of the user to sell products from the product range of the Fry Factory restaurant, which is owned by members team.


4th place


Team “Chabafoil” with the innovation “Hydrofoil”


Modular Carbon hydrofoil system for personal use for water sports on the board. Thanks to two decades of experience, our team’s expertise in the field of composite materials, 3D modeling, mold and tool making, and bearing in mind that we are professional water sports drivers, we have developed a modular hydrofoil system made of carbon fiber (100% carbon fiber). The modular system enables the versatility of the product as the components are easily replaceable according to the driver’s needs and desired performance, as well as the addition of new front and rear wing models. It caters for all kinds of skill levels from beginners to pro riders.


The innovation consists of: innovatively adapted equipment, expert product checks in real time and the offer of accompanying equipment such as boards, pushers, cases to protect the equipment.


The hydrofoil innovation is tailored for use by kitesurfers, windsurfers and wingsurfers. As we have witnessed the kitesurfing revolution, foilboarding is experiencing even greater growth than kitesurfing as one of the fastest growing segments of water sports in the world. The innovative equipment consists of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, which is produced on a biological basis, and the product itself is lighter than competitive models on the market. The product is modular and this gives the possibility of versatility and easier transportation during the trip. It does not contain aluminum parts that are present in other brands. Since the product is 100% modular, it is easy to change the front or rear wings according to the needs of the driver or driving conditions. In this way, it is possible to replace components with new models of wings that are currently under development and have yet to experience their expansion. Each component of the hydrofoil is made in “high-end” quality, in addition to visual perfection, each hydrofoil is tested for structural feasibility, functionality and performance before reaching the end customer. In this way, it was possible to avoid unwanted complaints and dissatisfaction among the end customers of our product.


5th place


“Kopriva” team, Kosovska Kamenica, with the innovation “Industrial cultivation of organic nettle and its processing into finished products”


They have been engaged in the organic production of raspberries, nettles and walnuts for five years. This year they founded the company LioSTeP because they believe that the quality of their products deserves more than resale to local buyers. The plan is to start with their own, and later the products they buy, process and create a brand from them. The product that was the first in a series to be created within that plan is Lyophilized nettle in a capsule (in a pack of 200 capsules). The advantage over other producers is that the process is complete (from the plantation, through processing to the finished product), so they do not depend on others and have complete control over the entire process. The knowledge they obtained by researching the market became a wind at their back, because there is no such product on the local market, and the European market is characterized by very high prices. Since nettles are recommended for all age groups, this product has no restrictions, but their target groups are athletes, vegans, patients who are recommended to use nettles by doctors, people who prefer an organic diet in continuity, and children of all ages.


It is impossible to cover all the planned distributors at once, so to begin with, more attention will be paid to health food stores, sports shops and gyms, and online sales.


The team consists of ambitious and hard-working people who, in addition to their primary occupations (geographer, architect and mechanical engineer), do not give up on the idea of jointly creating a brand that they will one day leave as a legacy to their descendants. Everyone contributes according to their education, experience and character, and as a whole they complement each other, encourage and help.


5th place


“EL-SIG” team, Belgrade, with “UBAL” innovation


The innovation called “Ubal” represents a locomotive head, which is compatible with all safety auto-stop devices of the world’s leading manufacturers. The essence of the innovation is the black box sensor which is of the universal type (invalise), and now there are 4-5 different sensors on our railway vehicles. Works on all systems (Siemens, Thales and others). According to our law, all towing vehicles must have a built-in system that has this kind of sensor.


With this one sensor, all devices would be covered and unification would be achieved. The innovation is already on the market and is being successfully used, it has even been successfully exported.


The auto-stop system is used and installed on our railways, both on every new vehicle that is purchased and on a used vehicle. In other words, it is estimated that it will be used for at least another 30 years.


It was installed in Serbia on the new Stadler trains of the Swiss manufacturer that we buy, and it is installed on diesel trains in Serbia manufactured by the Russian Federation “Metrovagonmash”. The same applies to the railways of all countries of the region (BiH, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc.).


The winners (finalists) of this competition will present their innovations in Hall 3 at stand number 3019.