The well-known “Creative corner”, a place for the promotion of award-winning young talents whose ideas are on the path of our famous scientists and inventors, is one of the distinguishing features of the Technology Fair. This year, in hall 3A, at stand 3309, the most successful among them will be presented again.


  1. “POLITEKNIKA” SCHOOL OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES, Belgrade, was the first in the region to introduce educational robotics into teaching and extracurricular activities (LEGO robotics, WER) more than twenty years ago. Over the years, the level and quality of control units, motors and sensors have changed, as well as the programming language of control, but the value of the idea that educational robotics improves the teaching process, creativity, quality and applicability of acquired knowledge has been definitely confirmed.


They are winners of many national championships and winners of international awards. First prize at the World Championship in Educational Robotics, Shanghai, China, 2018.


Educational robots in creative teaching – A robot for measuring the coefficient of friction – is a concrete project from this year’s teaching of the subject Computer Science and Programming for 1st grade students.


Applicability to several professional subjects and areas (mechanical elements, engineering, programming, computing and informatics, pneumatics, sensors, electronics) with known visual attractiveness, obviousness, creativity and the possibility to solve the task in several ways.


A historical cross-section of educational robot control units from the year 2000 to the present will be given.


  1. FACULTY OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES, Kragujevac, Profit Center (Center) of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac – a program of didactic tools and tools for education and industry – presents the Safety Didactic Cube (SDC) Compact.


SDC Compact is a demonstration-didactic system for practical training and education in the field of occupational safety.


A complete presentation of the functions and capabilities of various modern safety devices used in industrial systems, as well as a demonstration of the possibilities and principles of their integration into a complete safety and protection system for one machine or technical system.


SDC integrates selected safety devices and components, which are representatives of all major groups of devices, which are used in daily industrial practice: safety controllers – main unit and input/output module, electro-mechanical safety switch with different actuation systems, non-contact safety switch, safety switch with locking function, optoelectronic protective devices – light curtain, E-STOP switch and light-sound tower.


Didactic robot station


Didactic Robot Station (DRS) is a modern and multifunctional didactic system. It is equipped with modern equipment, a robot from the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric, a machine vision camera and a security spatial scanner from the Austrian company SICK. This didactic solution successfully covers a wide range of scientific disciplines: Industry 4.0, robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence, production effectiveness, quality control, occupational safety, etc.




Use of multimedia teaching content, consultations with professors, e-mail flow between students and teachers, discussions on the school forum, online testing, etc. Teaching takes place in classrooms, in professional laboratories with modern electronic equipment and computer cabinets equipped with the latest computers.


The success of the school in numerous curricular and extracurricular activities should be highlighted. School students have always been, even today, participants and winners in many competitions from the municipal to the national level. For years, the robotics section has been achieving exceptional success at domestic and international robotics competitions in faculty competition.


Robotic arm – Arduino microcontroller control (has four axes)


Fireworks launcher – a device that reduces the likelihood of injuries during firing in adults, especially in children


Matrix display – (10×10) can be used as a small billboard or home decoration


Drone – weight does not exceed 250 grams, so lifting does not require special permits, control using a microbit


Awards: Three gold medals at the Tesla Fest


  1. FIRST TECHNICAL SCHOOL, Kragujevac, promotes creativity and stimulates students to exchange ideas, projects and competitions. Prospective students choose one of four areas of work: agriculture, food production and processing, electrical engineering, geodesy and construction and chemistry, non-metals and graphic arts.


Delta robot – parallel manipulator


Modeling, principle of operation, kinematics in space as well as analyzer parallel system delta robot in combination with real-time monitoring system. This model has greater precision and strength compared to conventional ones, because errors and inaccuracies are absorbed and mutually corrected because the platform is conditioned by all three axes, while with other robots errors accumulate and increase.


1st place at the Galaxy Cup 2023 in Vršac.


  1. ELECTRICAL SCHOOL “MIJA STANIMIROVIĆ”, Niš, has a well-organized workspace, modern equipment and teaching methods, as well as rich human resources. This makes it one of the most modern schools in Serbia. Numerous awards, among which stand out the Svetosava Award of the Republic of Serbia, successes and medals in various competitions throughout the country, are true confirmation of the quality of this school.


Glove for translating sign language into text format


Sign language is the primary means of communication for a large number of people who are hard of hearing or completely deaf. Since not everyone can interpret sign language, it can be a barrier in communication and can cause difficulties in accessing information and services. The Arduino Translation Glove aims to eliminate that barrier and translate sign language into text in real time.


The project is designed to be cheap and affordable, making it accessible to those who need it.


2nd place at the Galaxy Cup 2023 in Vršac