The 64th International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements, held from May 24 to 27, 2022, in five halls and in the open space of the Belgrade Fair, confirmed and justified the high rating it enjoys as a regional fair factor but also a representative of the global fair industry in in different fields of technique, innovation and new technologies.

In the year in which it marks its 65th anniversary, after a two-year break caused by the global pandemic and geopolitical crisis, the Technology Fair gathered 479 direct and indirect exhibitors, including 216 from thirty foreign countries from three continents. Manufacturers, distributors, start-up companies, scientific-research institutions, innovators, service providers, traders, agents and representatives and members of various professional associations and clusters were especially motivated this year to present exclusively the highest ranges in their fields of interest at the fair.

The International Technical Fair attracted about fifteen thousand visitors, among whom the largest number of business people from all over the world interested in cutting-edge and sophisticated technologies, as well as finding new business partners ready to meet the demands of the world market. The business dimension of this fair is also indicated by the fact that during the event alone, deals worth several million euros were contracted.

This year too, the emphasis was on the promotion of Industry 4.0, as a global trend of digitization of production processes that make production more flexible, efficient and of higher quality. Statistically, the exhibitors presented the most exhibits in the sector of metallurgy, CNC machines and machining centers, additive and 3D technologies, industrial robots and solutions, measuring equipment and instrumentation, drones, industrial electronics, thermotechnics, power engineering, as well as industrial safety and protection.

Almost all innovative solutions are related to the automation and digitization of industrial processes. The greatest attention of the visitors was attracted by the patent exhibits of the company PR-DC, which presented the IKA series of drones, karts with jets, a flying car, a flight simulator…

As a continuation of the successful cooperation between science and business, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development gathered 26 institutions in whose projects it actively participates this year. So this year, in addition to the “umbrella” ones – the Center for the Promotion of Science, the Fund for Innovation Activities, the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, the Research and Development Center for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia… – four science and technology parks, eight technical faculties with innovation centers and several scientific research institutes.

The traditional fair awards “Step into the future” were awarded to the company NS-Steel 1989 from Veternik, for the machine for professional cleaning of DP/FAP filters and SCR catalysts, mark XL 12/22, and to the company VIRS, Varilni in rezalni sistemi, from Tržin, Slovenia , for the LaserFlexC robotic welding cell. Special awards were given to the Research and Development Institute “Lola”, Belgrade, for the multifunctional machine for rapid prototyping – Multipordesk-Mill, and the company Rasina from Požarevac for the “car charger”.

It can be said that the 64th International Fair of Techniques and Technical Achievements was extremely successful and that this is a signal for future exhibitors to reserve their space at the next, 65th in a row, in May 2023.