21 May – Technical Fair Opening Day

Finally, the 21st of May is the day when the 63rd International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements welcomes the technical, technological and scientific elite from all the world’s meridians. In the entire world fair industry, it is a well-known fact that the New Belgrade Fair started its walk-through modern history back in 1957, thus becoming the foundation and support for the fair industry in Serbia, but also the matrix from where some other great, specialized events of Belgrade Fair

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia: Reliable partner

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia is an independent, modern and responsible non-budgetary institution, a national association of all Serbian businesspeople, which serves the best interests of its members and the Serbian economy, owing to its tradition, experience and knowledge. Our key commitment is to make Serbia visible as a market economy country, with investment opportunities, open borders, and ready to join the European trends in a competitive way.

Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia is a specialized institution that provides support to innovative activities and manages financial resources for innovation stimulation purposes. The Fund’s intention is to contribute to overall development of innovations by implementing various financial instruments that encourage the establishment of new tech companies and strengthen existing ones, their focus on capital markets and attraction of direct investments in high technology and development.

Russia at the highest level

Russia will show effective technologies of the future at the 63rd International Fair of Equipment and Technical Achievements TECHNICAL FAIR 2019. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation will present a joint exposition at the world exhibition “TECHNICAL FAIR” on May 21-24, 2019 in Serbia.

Also, the best technological innovations in 2018 at the Fair

One hundred and sixteen teams competed for the BEST TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION in 2018, organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. The competition started in April 2018, and after several rounds of elimination the competition ended at the end of December with six teams going to the finals (four from Belgrade and one from Stara Pazova and Nova Varos), with the final victory of “Motimove” team.

Special Package for Business Visitors

Belgrade Fair created special package for business guests by which you may have the following facilitations: The entry ticket for all four Fair days Registration and business profile creation for the access to the database and online meeting appointment (Business Talk) Access to Business Lounge (Hall 1 Gallery) – free Wi-Fi, hot and cold refreshment, the place for brief business meetings, assistance in the meeting appointment, computer and printer use Business Info Desk (Fair Head Office) – ID card and

“Fair of all Fairs” is ready for you

The International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements is by far one of the oldest and most respected members of UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, and just one month before the grand opening of Fair gates, the Fair will be more than ready to proudly present itself once again in its full glory to the whole world. This most significant regional event dedicated to development and technology, which marks its 63rd installation this year, will do its


Tele Radio Balkan

TELE RADIO develops, produces and sells remote control systems for industrial purposes. Tele Radio AB was founded in 1954 in Sweden and has developed into an expansive Tele Radio Group. The company is headquartered in Askim, next to Gothenburg, and includes a group of ten sister companies across the globe (Europe, North America, Asia and Australia). Apart from sister companies, Tele Radio cooperates with a large network of partners and distributors all over the world.

Adrian Group

ADRIAN brand has been offering top-notch solutions for complex heating and cooling systems in industrial halls and all kinds of large areas for 25 years now. Their offer includes infrared heating, hot-air heating, evaporative cooling, air curtains, destratifiers, control systems.

Chi-tech Company

CHI-TECH DOO Company is a general representative of a renowned Chinese manufacturer of fiber lasers – BODOR for Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Albania. As the last year’s winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the best design of F and E series machines, Technical Fair will be proudly presenting fiber laser cutting machine Bodor P3015, a closed system with the possibility of automatic exchange of plates, a working area of ​​3000x1500mm, a laser power

BMT Solutions & Technology

BMT SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGY COMPANY is primarily engaged in overhaul, maintenance services and sales of machine tools. The company provides professional and top-quality overhaul service for all types of machine tools. Overhaul of all levels can be performed on lathes, Borverk milling machines, CNC machines, sheet metal cutting and bending machines, as well as on sheet metal bending and press machines of all kinds.

Elmed Company

ELMED COMPANY, with thirty years of experience, has become a leader in delivering integrated coding, labeling and quality control solutions. The company management has been focused on development, production, sales and repair service of industrial coding system, inspection and traceability of products, as well as integrated hardware and software solutions in the field of production and warehouse operations. Moreover, an important part of the whole system is the production of white and color self-adhesive labels.

IHIS S&T Park Zemun

IHIS S&T Park is an innovation organization working in the innovation field and with its members firms is engaged in developing innovation technologies as well as small scale production of innovation products. The Park renders services to entrepreneurs in opening "start up" firms and beginning business. IHIS Techno Experts - Applied and development exploration in the fields of materials, environment protection, alternative powers sources and electrochemistry.

MHT Products

MHT PRODUCTS DOO Company from Priboj was founded by an American investor Pannsylvania Shahram Masoudnia in 2016. The company develops and manufactures high tech assitive devices and is engaged in environmental protection – “Green products” (water, electricity). The products are patented and unique on the market. They are intended for all users.

Mining Institute Ltd. Belgrade

Founded six decades ago at the initiative and using the means of the mining industry, the Mining Institute is scientifically, development-research and in a designing sense, the framework of construction, technical-technological and production ascension of the Yugoslavian and Serbian mining in the second half of the XX century. Through hiring of the top scientific and engineering experts, the Mining Institute has become a sort of an engineering school that provided the best researchers, designers, university professors and bearers of the

The International Fair of Technics is attracting a huge number of foreign business people and partners, who bring the new knowhow and technologies, with the interest for the new arrangements with domestic companies