The 64th International Technology and Technical Achievements Fair, which is to be held at the Belgrade Fair from the 24th to the 27th May 2022, can only cement the status of the regional fair leader and also the representative of the global fair industry in all areas of technology and technical and technological innovations. High ratings and the reputation it enjoys go without saying.

It will be a new and exclusive opportunity to connect and promote producers, constructors, innovators, start up and job shop companies, traders, distributers, associations and representatives of global companies in the industry, and in a unique business ambience of the largest smart factory.

All of them will have the privilege to be a part of the partnership between science and economy and the interaction between the 4.0 industry, artificial intelligence, mobility of workforce, energy solutions… To be able to, in one place, offer, present and also notify about the current technical and technological innovations and solutions, to present industrial potentials, exchange experiences, opportunities for new investments and business networking.

As an initiator of industrial transformation in the region, the 64th International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements will have a program accent at the promotion of the 4th Industrial revolution, as a global point of digitalization of all production processes. Traditionally, most exhibitors are expected from the field of “Integra”, CNC machines, machining centers, tools and tool systems, followed by industrial electronics and measuring devices, and thermotechnics and power engineering. “Tension” in the field of materials and component industry, technology and equipment for preparation and purification of water and systems and components for packaging and is also to be expected. And all this in the context of the ultimate product innovation requirements and technical and technological news in these areas – from 3D and laser technologies, electronic aircraft and robotics, to plastic processing, production process automatizing, measuring devices, tools.

Experiences from the last Technology Fair, held in 2019, suggest that more than 700 exhibitors are eagerly awaiting the participation in the upcoming fair, at least 300 foreign, of different profiles and range, from about 30 countries. That also refers to more than 17 thousand visitors, among which is a visibly growing number of those form the business category. They will also be provided with a special business package of additional services and benefits to meet their specific needs and interests.

All this is proof and a confirmation that even in the times of digitalization and mass communication, the industry and economy need exhibitions and direct human interaction. Transformation of the industry never stops, because the industry implements solutions that used to take years in only a couple of months. Because of all this, the rush to register and provide exhibition space at the next, 64th Technology Fair, seems quite logical and inevitable.

It’s time for new meetings.