Now generally famous “Creative corner”, a place for promotion of awarded young talents which are on the way of our famous scientists and researchers with their ideas, one of the most recognizable landmarks of the Technical Fair. This year will, in the Hall 3A at the stand 3309, the most successful among them present themselves.

SCHOOL FOR NEW TECHNOLOGIES “POLITEHNIKA” from Belgrade will present “the Hybrid robot”,

, created by combining a standard commercial control unit (Lego type) with parts of the mechanisms that the students of this school modeled themselves and printed on a 3D printer for the Republic contest in robot programming. The school will also present the results from the “First Lego League” State Finals, held in 2022 in Kragujevac. 1) Robot game – 1st place – the highest number of points in performing the tasks of an autonomous robot, for a specific time frame, 2) Construction and robot design – 1st place – for independence and readiness of all team members for construction and robot programming.

ELECTROTECHNICAL SCHOOL “NIKOLA TESLA” from Belgrade will present “Ecological Antivarosis Hive”, a device which removes vaora (a bee tick). The device works with the help of Arduino Mega microcontroller, sensor for exterior conditions and vaporizers which is positioned inside the hive, and is powered from a solar panel. The Device itself represents improvement and automation of a known ant acid treatment. The device with its technical specifications is compatible with all types of hives, therefore it doesn’t require additional infrastructure from the beekeeper for device setup.

The device has won 1st place in the competition for the Best Technological Innovation in the subcategory “Best High-School Team”.

ELECTROTECHNICAL SCHOOL “MIHAJLO PUPIN” from Novi Sad presents: 1) Plastenik – smart greenhouse – automatic opening of windows when the temperature exceeds a certain value, 2) Mobile phone charger using a dynamo from a bicycle and 3) Model of renewable energy sources. The school has won two gold medals at the Tesla Fest 2021 in Novi Sadu dve zlatne

FRIST TECHNICAL SCHOOL from Kragujevac je za “Inverse kinematics in robotics”, based on a microcontroller and microcomputer platforms, won the 1. 1st place at the Galaxy Cup 2022 in Zajecar.

TECHNICAL SCHOOL “9.MAJ” from Bačka Palanka presents: 1) projeckt “E-kvočka”. The goal of the project is a fully functional electronic incubator for poultry. All that is necessary for usage is to fill a container with water, put in the eggs and start the incubator. All processes are happening automatically and independently of the user for easier and painless use. There are few such incubators on the market. With little modification the incubation of the eggs of all small animals may be enabled, given how flexible the machine is. The project is the winner of the silver medal at the Galaxy Cup. 2) Smart Greenhouse, the tracking and control of growth conditions of aromatic plants as well as the automation of the process through the usage of Arduin. The tracked parameters are soil humidity, humidity and temperature of air, CO2 levels in the green house and the lighting level. Depending on the measured and reference values, land irrigation, greenhouse ventilation or ultraviolent lighting is initiated in order to maintain optimal conditions for plant growth. The project is the winner of the bronze medal at the Galaxy Cup 2022.