TOSMAŠINE DOO is a company that, as an authorized representative, represents both Czech and Slovak manufacturers of machine tools. TosMashine is part of a group with decades of experience in selling Czech and Slovak machine tools such as Protostim k.f.t. (Hungary) and Romtos s.r.l. (Romania). TosMasine is headquartered in Ada in Vojvodina.

The company’s program includes the following machine tools:

  • Horizontal drillers – milling machines (Fermat)
  • Bandsaws (Pilous)
  • Universal, medium and heavy lathes (Trens, Itama)
  • CNC lathes – (Style, Trens, Kovosvit Mas, Tos Celakovice, Škoda)
  • CNC automatic lathes Manurhin – single and multi-legged (Timer ZPS)
  • Karusel lathes (Chkd Blansko)
  • Universal – vertical, tool and universal console (Tos Olomouc)
  • CNC milling machines (STYLE)
  • Machining centers – horizontal, vertical, portal 3-4-5 axes (Style, Kovosvit Mas, Timer ZPS)
  • 3-5-axial portable milling machines (TYC)
  • Gearing machines (Gearspeckt, Tos Celakovice)
  • Drills – pillar-like, radial (Weiler, Moos, Heltos, Bimak)
  • Grinders – for round grinding, for flat grinding (Tos Celakovice, Tos Hostivar, Acra)
  • Portal processing centers (3-5 axial) for processing aluminum, plastic, composite materials, wood (Sahos)

TosMašine offers complete logistics from installation and calibration of the machine, commissioning and training of operators, training in programming, as well as support over the course of warranty and out of warranty period with their own team of engineers and technicians trained and licensed by the manufacturer.