The 64th International Technology Fair will be held from the 24th to the 27th of May.

This date is in line with the changes of the spring part of the exhibitions calendar of the Belgrade Fair, caused by the well-known objective circumstances.

Even in the time of digitalization and mass communications the industry and the economy needs exhibitions and human interaction. The transformation of the industry never stops, because the industry has only in a couple of months implemented solutions for which was once necessary years.

Therefore the Technology Fair strives with all forces to enable its participants and business partners the privilege to present at one place the modern technical-technological innovations and solutions, industrial potentials, to exchange experiences, possibilities for new investments and business networking, to be a part of the partnership between science and economy and the interaction between the 4.0 industry, artificial intelligence, workforce mobility, energy solutions…

With a timely reservation of the exhibition space and the following program at the 64th Fair of Technology and Technological Achievements, the opportunity and chance of survival in the scientific and technical-technological scene is realized.

It is time for new encounters.