THE SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY PARK BELGRADE is intended for startups and growing high-tech development companies (SMEs and development centers of international companies), helping them develop and commercialize innovative products and services.

STP Belgrade has been established as a partnership between the Republic of Serbia Government (represented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development), the City of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade, based on international experiences and best practices, thus becoming a place where Institutions meet Science and Industry.

STP Belgrade has become a new business core of the city that brings together dozens of high-tech development companies/teams by providing different programs and activities, and plays an essential role in developing the innovation ecosystem in Serbia.

Science Technology Park Belgrade

Constructed according to high energy efficiency standards and modern architecture, STP Belgrade makes an ideal environment for companies / development teams, by providing a package of services tailored to meet their needs. STP Belgrade is located in a peaceful environment of Zvezdara Forest, 4 km away from the city center, in the immediate vicinity of Mihajlo Pupin Institute and the campus of technical faculties, with a direct bus line connecting them.

STP Belgrade is the ideal environment for businesses wishing to be part of a dynamic high-tech community, which creates value-added by creating development opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.