The Accompanying Program of the Technical Fair includes two lectures that will be held by the Serbian National Internet Domain Registry – RNIDS representatives on Wednesday, May 22, from 12:00 until 14: 00 in the presentation hall 2 C.

“The Right Way of Doing Business on the Internet” is a lecture that will be held by Mr Predrag Milicevic, a Head of Marketing and Communications Division at RNIDS. The goal of this lecture is to break the illusion that there is a type of work that is impossible to present on a global network and to show why it is dangerous to base your business approach on another’s Internet site. The lecture should explain as to why the website is the most valuable internet resource of each company and how much the correct choice of domain names raises the value of this resource, but also to show which domains are the favorites of search engines, and what happens to the business when its domain is no longer its.

“Internet Security” is a lecture by Mr Aleksandar Kostadinovic, currently a system administrator at RNIDS and a permanent lecturer at the IT Academy, who will try to explain the role of the internet domain when it comes to security of e-business and how to do business on the Internet in a safer way. An individual instead of generic domain in the email address contributes to business security, and how to protect one’s own safety and business reputation, while preserving the security of your clients, is also an issue that will be addressed in this lecture.

All those interested in lectures applying via B2B portal of Technical Fair by 21 May will receive a ticket to Technical Fair at a privileged price of RSD 300.00.