MHT PRODUCTS DOO Company from Priboj was founded by an American investor Pannsylvania Shahram Masoudnia in 2016. The company develops and manufactures high tech assitive devices and is engaged in environmental protection – “Green products” (water, electricity). The products are patented and unique on the market. They are intended for all users.

Safe toilet tank STT, a device that measures water level, is fitted to flush cisterns and in the event of malfunction, where unnecessary leakage and water consumption may occur, it closes the valve (with the possibility of future use) and notifies the user about errors by sending a signal to either device or android, iOS and web applications.

Smart clocks W11, W12, W13 are manufactured according to high technology standards, and are used as mobile phones. They look nice, elegant, businesslike, sporty and are available in many different colors.

The company is currently working on a thermostat that is connected to our ventilation grille (choice of several design types, color palette). The device is a part of any central unit. It serves either for room heating or cooling. It saves energy (you can select rooms separately), purifies the air by UV lamp thus killing bacteria and microorganism (99.9%) that live on ventilation grilles. This product can be operated manually either by thermostat or android applications, iOS or the web – at any distance.