INTEHNA BEO DOO was founded in 2003, and in 2004 became a member of the IMC group (IMC Word of Metal Cutting).

The company deals with the sale of tools intended for the production and processing of metal, construction, glass and wood industry.

The tools that can be found in their sales program are:

  • turning, milling, drilling and cutting tools made of high-speed steels and hard metals,
  • accept and clamp tools,
  • diamond, CBN and corundum grinding and cutting discs intended for the metalworking, construction, wood and glass industries, wire, filters, resin, spare parts and other accessories for erosive materials,
  • measuring instruments,
  • tools for manual edging,
  • diamonds and CBN tools,
  • cooling systems.

Their supplier of carbide tools has a warehouse in Belgium and France, which enables fast and high-quality delivery within a few days.

They are located on the ground floor of hall 1, stand 1303.