Chi-tech Company

CHI-TECH DOO Company is a general representative of a renowned Chinese manufacturer of fiber lasers – BODOR for Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Albania. As the last year’s winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the best design of F and E series machines, Technical Fair will be proudly presenting fiber laser cutting machine Bodor

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BMT Solutions & Technology

BMT SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGY COMPANY is primarily engaged in overhaul, maintenance services and sales of machine tools. The company provides professional and top-quality overhaul service for all types of machine tools. Overhaul of all levels can be performed on lathes, Borverk milling machines, CNC machines, sheet metal cutting and bending machines, as well as on sheet metal bending and

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Elmed Company

ELMED COMPANY, with thirty years of experience, has become a leader in delivering integrated coding, labeling and quality control solutions. The company management has been focused on development, production, sales and repair service of industrial coding system, inspection and traceability of products, as well as integrated hardware and software solutions in the field of production and warehouse operations. Moreover, an

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IHIS S&T Park Zemun

IHIS S&T Park is an innovation organization working in the innovation field and with its members firms is engaged in developing innovation technologies as well as small scale production of innovation products. The Park renders services to entrepreneurs in opening "start up" firms and beginning business. IHIS Techno Experts - Applied and development exploration in the fields of materials, environment

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MHT Products

MHT PRODUCTS DOO Company from Priboj was founded by an American investor Pannsylvania Shahram Masoudnia in 2016. The company develops and manufactures high tech assitive devices and is engaged in environmental protection – “Green products” (water, electricity). The products are patented and unique on the market. They are intended for all users.

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Mining Institute Ltd. Belgrade

Founded six decades ago at the initiative and using the means of the mining industry, the Mining Institute is scientifically, development-research and in a designing sense, the framework of construction, technical-technological and production ascension of the Yugoslavian and Serbian mining in the second half of the XX century. Through hiring of the top scientific and engineering experts, the Mining Institute

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EnergoGlobal Comany

ENERGOGLOBAL Company from Futog is a manufacturer of diesel and gasoline power generators. The company also offers UPS to provide end-users with a complete backup power supply without any interruption during the course of power supply process. It offers quick delivery to its business partners, swift response to possible interventions, as well as development and implementation of more complex projects

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The primary activities of URAM SYSTEM DOO Company, founded in 1990 in Novi Sad, are engineering, manufacturing and trade in the field of industrial automation. During the course of company’s existence, a team of young engineers has developed a number of projects in the field of industrial automation and thus has gained a reputation of

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Inveko Coating Company

INVEKO COATING DOO Company is a general agent and authorized repairer of a renowned Swiss manufacturer of electrostatic powder coating machine “Gema Switzerland GmbH” for the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Northern Macedonia.

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Faculty of Technical Sciences, Univerity of Novi Sad

FACULTY OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES, UNIVERSITY OF NOVI SAD is one of the most modern organized high education institutions in the region with a 59-year long tradition, known and recognized throughout the world. Every year, around 2,400 students enroll at the Faculty, whilst engineers, who graduated from the FTS, work and achieve remarkable results at every company that is engaged in

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