SOCOMEC SICON DOO from Zemun is a part of the Socomec group, with around 30 subsidiaries located on all five continents, present at the Technical Fair for the tenth time. The parent company is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.

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SERVOTEH DOO from Dobanovci is for the 20th time at the Belgrade Technical Fair. The company gathers over 70 experts and professionals in various fields such as mechanical engineering, informational technologies, technical design and production. It offers complete solutions in the area of automation for every business.

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SCHRACK TECHNIK DOO from Belgrade is a part of an Austrian group which is a leading company in the field of technology, product and solution in energy technology and data solution technology. Networking, optimization and safety in energy usage and data transfer are the centers of its business.

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Company NEMINIK DOO from Belgrade participates in the Technical Fair for the annual 30th time. Today it is one of the leading companies in the placement of material, appliances and equipment in the area of welding. The company’s portfolio includes welding machines and plasma cutting, additional welding materials, and welding equipment, filter units, welding robots, CNC plasma and gas cutting,

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LORSEL DOO from Belgrade is one of those companies performing for the jubilee 10th time at the 64th Technical Fair. It deals with consulting and sale of machines, tools and metal processing equipment, especially in the area of sheet metal. It represents numerous globally acclaimed companies which are the leaders in their market segments.

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The company CONTEX NOVI DOO from Trzin Slovenia has since its establishment in 1991 dealt with market research and connecting the electro-mechanical industry with the suppliers of high-quality components. This is its 30th participation in the Technical Fair. Contex Novi specializes in components for electric motors, home appliances, wire processing and the first installations in the industry. With their long-term

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Unbelievable Creative Corner

Now generally famous “Creative corner”, a place for promotion of awarded young talents which are on the way of our famous scientists and researchers with their ideas, one of the most recognizable landmarks of the Technical Fair. This year will, in the Hall 3A at the stand 3309, the most successful among them present themselves.

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H-BridgesKnows How

One of the most distinguished participants of the International Technical Fair (Hall 1, stand 1306) – H-Bridges, a team of students of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering but also the other Faculties of the University in Belgrade, has placed in the pre-fair period in the finals of the world’s largest university competition in energy electronics (International Future Energy Challenge –

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Tele Radio Balkan

TELE RADIO develops, produces and sells remote control systems for industrial purposes. Tele Radio AB was founded in 1954 in Sweden and has developed into an expansive Tele Radio Group. The company is headquartered in Askim, next to Gothenburg, and includes a group of ten sister companies across the globe (Europe, North America, Asia and

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Adrian Group

ADRIAN brand has been offering top-notch solutions for complex heating and cooling systems in industrial halls and all kinds of large areas for 25 years now. Their offer includes infrared heating, hot-air heating, evaporative cooling, air curtains, destratifiers, control systems.

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