Slovenian company VIRS DOO from Lendava for already a decade participates in the shaping of trends in the field of automation and robotization of production processes. They cover the area of arc welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting.

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Croatian company TEHNOPROGRES is eminent in the 3D technology sector, and at the 64th Technical Fair will present novelties in industrial 3D printing. The company’s portfolio is based on SLS 3D printers and direct production from 3D models, machining (EDM, CNC and machining centers, laser engraving systems, reference systems and consumables).

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STAUBLI is an international company with a headquarters in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. It’s a global distributer of mechatronics solutions with four dedicated departments: electrical connectors, fluid connectors, robotics and textiles. The group currently operates in 29 countries, with agents in 50 countries on four continents.

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German company IB BLUMENAUER was founded in 1984 in Kassel. With the focus in selling tool machines and spare parts for the metal processing industry. The sale areas were and still are the former Yugoslavia, the countries of the Eastern Block, Egypt and the Mid-Arab region.

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Turkish company GAMAK founded in 1961 in order to supply the market with scarce electric engines, one of the most important products necessary for industrial production. Today they are one of the most significant producers of electrical engines from 0,06 kV up to 3000 kV not only in Turkey but in the world as well.

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INTEHNA BEO DOO was founded in 2003, and in 2004 became a member of the IMC group (IMC Word of Metal Cutting). The company deals with the sale of tools intended for the production and processing of metal, construction, glass and wood industry.

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Company JINAN SENFENG LASER TECHNOLOGY was founded in 2004, located in the innovation zone Jinan of the Shandong Province. The company produces laser equipment.

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The Austrian Company KALTENBACH uses its expertise and innovation to reduce the cost of ownership of solutions, improve process insight and simplify steel processing operations and surface treatment solutions.

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MANGANOROBOT was founded in 2006 in Torino Italy. It has operative offices in Atlanta, Belgrade and Bangkok. Together they cover all aspects of business and develop industrial solutions for big production lines of industries of all over the world.

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For the TELIX DOO company from Novi Sad the 64th Technical Fair is the annual 35th participation in this event.

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