BMT Solutions & Technology

BMT SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGY COMPANY is primarily engaged in overhaul, maintenance services and sales of machine tools. The company provides professional and top-quality overhaul service for all types of machine tools. Overhaul of all levels can be performed on lathes, Borverk milling machines, CNC machines, sheet metal cutting and bending machines, as well as on sheet metal bending and press machines of all kinds.

General overhaul of CNC and conventional machine tools, rebuilding and retooling of CNC machine tools, retrofitting of CNC machine tools, CNC repair service and conventional machine tools are all performed at the investor’s request in the investor’s production plant (production hall, warehouse or specific areas intended for overhaul and repair service), furthermore contractual maintenance and performance of regular repair service, machine automation and production processes, construction and production of clamping devices and complete technology for individual products, sales of overhauled machine tools complete with a warranty, relocation of machine tools, assembly of new machines and spare parts production … is the key business offer of this company.