Preparations for the 64th International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, scheduled for 19-22 May 2020, are already underway. This regional fair leader, but also a representative of the global fair industry across all fields of technics and technical and technological innovations, should once again confirm and establish its high rating and reputation it enjoys.

This will be yet another opportunity to connect and promote manufacturers, constructors, innovators, start up and job shop companies, dealers, distributors, associations and agents of the world’s leading companies in the industry – in the largest smart factory with its unique business environment. All of them will have the privilege to offer and present industrial potentials, experiences, possibilities for new investments and business networking. Moreover, all of them will have the opportunity to learn more about the current technical and technological innovations and solutions.

According to preliminary announcements, as well as experiences from the previous fair, it is expected that as many as 700 exhibitors will be present at the fair, of whom at least 300 will be coming from abroad, of different educational backgrounds and occupations, from around thirty countries, in the same number as in 2019. This also refers to more than 17,000 visitors, the highest number of those being in the business category. We are offering a special business package of additional services and benefits for them, which also includes the benefits of B2B communication where their specific needs and interests are met with pleasure.

The program lays special stress on promoting the IV Industrial Revolution as a global trend through digitization of all production processes. Most exhibitors are expected in the field of “Integra”, CNC machines, machining centers, tools and tool systems, as well as in the field of industrial electronics and measuring devices, thermotechnics and power engineering. Increased “tension” has also been observed in the field of materials and components used in industry, as well as in the field of technology and equipment for water preparation and purification, and packaging components. All this is subject to ultimate requirements for product innovation and technical and technological innovations across all areas – from 3D and laser technologies, electric aircraft and robotics, to plastic processing, production process automation, measuring instruments, tools …

For all the said reasons, there has been a growing interest in securing the exhibition space at the next 64th Tech Fair set to take place between 19 and 22 May 2020.