Also, the best technological innovations in 2018 at the Fair

One hundred and sixteen teams competed for the BEST TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION in 2018, organized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. The competition started in April 2018, and after several rounds of elimination the competition ended at the end of December with six teams going to the finals (four from Belgrade and one from Stara Pazova and Nova Varos), with the final victory of “Motimove” team.

All six final projects at this prestigious competition will also be presented at the 63rd International Technical Fair at stand 3009 in Hall 3 of Belgrade Fair.

The final ranking of the finalists and their innovations were as follows:

  • Motimove – “Motimove – Motion Pacemaker”,
  • Skrobikus – “Innovative Method for Obtaining Oxidized Starch Used in Production of Adhesive Materials in the Packaging and Construction Industry”
  • BioTech team – “Single-Pass Flow-Through Bioreactor”
  • Optimonia – “Condensation Dryer with Heat Pump for Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs”
  • “Dermanysus galinae” Cluster – “Composition Containing Paraffin Oil as an Insecticidal and Acaricidal Active Compound (P 547/17)”
  • Uvac – “Specific Structure of Cattle Feeding in the Closed Fodder with Exclusive Use of Vegetable Food”


Motion Peacemaker

The winning innovation of Motimove team comprised of Ms. Lana Popovic Maneski Phd, Prof. Mr. Dejan Popovic Phd., an and Mr. Ivan Topalovic, Academician, an electronic stimulator for muscles, whose action can be defined by syntagm “motion pacemaker”.

Functions that, in either weakness or paralysis of the muscles, this system supports are as follows: driving of stationary and mobile tricycle, standing, walking, capturing and strengthening muscles to prevent atrophy and maintaining the range of joint movements. There are no devices on the market that allow this feature to be acceptable for clinical rehabilitation.

“Motimove” integrates an original electronic circuit that generates the high voltage required to activate paralyzed muscles, a controller that defines duration, intensity and frequency of impulses that are fed to the electrodes. An intelligent control algorithm uses signals from the sensors fitted to the user’s body. Specific features are also new electrodes with many fields, necessary for reducing fatigue and targeted muscle activation.

Compared to systems around the world, this system has more power, more stimulation channels, distributed asynchronous pulse generation, visual interface in accordance with user requirements and open software for creating new applications.

Motimove is intended for paralyzed patients due to brain or spinal cord injury.


Innovative Method for Obtaining Oxidized Starch Used in Production of Adhesive Materials in the Packaging and Construction Industry

Innovation is a new, more ecologically acceptable and cheaper procedure for obtaining oxidized/anionic starch, as a basic material, which is applied in the packaging, wood, construction and furniture industry. This technological process provides a set of new starch oxidation methods using more environmentally friendly oxidants (hydrogen peroxide, ammonium and potassium persulfate) and catalysts (metallic complexes of tannin and adipic acid). Oxidized starch (originating from wheat, potato and corn) can be optionally used as a binding/adhesive agent in the wood and packaging industry or can be mixed with derivatives of lignin, thus achieving better material processability. Oxidized starch in a form of pellets/flakes or in powder form (soluble/dispersible in water) can also be used as an adhesive agent/rheology modifier, thus improving the physical-mechanical and adhesive properties of construction and packaging materials. The benefits of new technology in relation to existing ones are: reduced raw material/energy consumption, process/waste water, number of technological operations and dimensions of process equipment, lower costs (according to “green” standards and circular economy.)


Single-Pass Flow-Through Bioreactor

A single-use discharge bioreactor is primarily aimed at improving research in the field of biomedical engineering and development of new biomaterials. Compared to conventional methods of testing cells in a monolayer in a static culture where cells lose many of their physiological properties, this bioreactor allows cultivation of cells in a three-dimensional environment (e.g. spheroids, natural tissue, or biomaterials) at a continuous flow imitating the natural environment in the bloodstream. In addition, the bioreactor also allows physiologically relevant characterization of new biomaterials, which can reduce the number of necessary tests performed on animals, and the ultimate goal is to transfer the optimized system to the clinic for the purpose of producing tissue implants. Compared to existing solutions, this bioreactor is especially designed for single use, which minimizes the risk of contamination and allows easy handling to persons without technical expertise. By applying this bioreactor, scientific-research laboratories can significantly improve their research in an easy and accessible way in accordance with modern scientific trends.


Condensation Dryer with Heat Pump for Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs

This innovation represents dry products production device (fruits, vegetables, herbs) with a moisture content below 2%, of high quality and high prices (such as fruit and vegetable powders) using cheap – waste raw materials. The device represents a technological substitute for existing closed drying systems (vacuum and lyophilizers) with a ten times lower purchase price and ten times lower production costs of the finished product (with ten times less energy consumption).

It is intended for producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, beginners who want to set up their own business with acceptable investment costs, as well as industries that need drying.

There is a great need for such devices in the world, as well as a large market for dried products (millions of tons of raw materials per day).


Composition Containing Paraffin Oil as an Insecticidal and Acaricidal Active Compound (P 547/17)

This product is an innovative product used in prevention and control of infestation (infection) of red mites, that poses one of the most important health and economic issues in poultry farming, which by degree of control can be assessed as practically uncontrolled. Owing to research and scientific work, as well as testing in practice, a formula that was used in controlling red mites was discovered. By using the special features of inert oils, maximum efficiency has been ensured in order to completely eliminate the harmful effects of the poultry, without having any influence on either meat or eggs, i.e., without having any harmful effect on the environment.


Specific Structure of Cattle Feeding in the Closed Barn with Exclusive Use of Vegetable Food

This is the specific structure of cattle feeding in closed barns with the exclusive use of combined vegetable foods. The news is a mixture of food for livestock by using cheap and available raw materials (vegetables and cereals), with no costs to chemical processing and transportation, except for grinding.